'A Tale of Two ObesCities'

Professor Graeme Evans, AUNT-SUE Principal Investigator chaired the launch of this new report at City  Hall which compares the approach of London and New York to the growing threat of obesity amongst  children and young people. Policy and planning responses targeting the highest incidence for obesity  amongst city communities and drew on good practice including research by the AUNT-project on obesogenic environments and barriers to pedestrian activity.

An expert Panel chaired by Graeme included  Rosie Boycott, Chair of the London Food Commission;  Lindsey  Davies, London Regional Director of Public Health; Ben Plowden, Director of Surface Transport At Transport for London  (formerly director of Living Streets); Richard Watts, Sustain; and Simon Cooper,  Sporting Futures for All.

Last year, Graeme Evans joined Public Health colleagues from London Metropolitan University and from City University of New York (CUNY) in London and then in New York. He promoted AUNT-SUE findings and addressed the physical, environmental and social barriers (including community safety and fear of crime) that contribute to low levels of physical activity and pedestrian access in deprived areas and communities. This includes access to healthier food shopping and recreation amenities.

‘A Tale of Two ObesCities’ is the joint LondonMet-CUNY publication arising from this collaboration, which has been supported by the respective.


Executive Summary

CUNY Public Health symposium - Graeme Evans with UK public health staff in New York 2009