Meet the Consortium

(as by January 2010)


Kamalasudhan Achuthan  (RA 2006-10) BE MEng is a Research Fellow in the CTS at UCL. His qualifications include a Bachelor in Civil Engineering and a Master of Engineering by research on pedestrian accessibility to buses using Geographic Information Systems (GIS). He has over 7 years of research experience in the areas of GIS, transport planning, traffic engineering and road safety.


Nastaran Azmin-Fouladi  (RA 2004-7) BSc, MSc is research fellow with the Cities Institute at London Metropolitan University. Since graduation from Architectural school she has been involved in various design projects from harbours, airport terminal, a university campus and sports hall to a variety of housing and urban planning/design schemes. Her interest in the relationship between design and behaviour led to her involvement with the Medical Architecture Research Unit’s project on the therapeutic effects of design of high-secured psychiatric hospitals. She is currently involved in investigating the urban design aspect of the AUNT-SUE project. 


Ben Calnan (RA 2007-9) BSc, MSc has experience working for national research organisations, local government and the private sector. He has an MSc in Geographic Information Science from UCL and a BA (also from UCL) in Geography. His research interests include developing spatial decision support systems, Internet mapping, sustainable urban planning and transport. 


Keith Case (RA 2004-9) BSc PhD CEng FErgS FBCS is Professor of Computer Aided Engineering and leader of the Product Realisation Technologies research group in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering at Loughborough University (LU). He also leads the Innovative Digital Manufacturing Research Group within LU's Innovative Manufacturing Research Centre (funded by EPSRC). He has been a Principal Investigator on projects concerned with information support systems, manufacturing features in design, process capability modelling, automobile seat evaluation and design, gestural input for conceptual design, and human spine


Pete Davis (RA 2007-9) MEng is a Research Associate in the Department of Design and Technology at LU. He has joined phase two of the AUNT-SUE project to work on the design of decision-support tools. Pete recently completed an MEng in Product Design and Manufacture. He chose transport accessibility as the topic of his individual project, for which he studied psychological stress and designed a journey planner concept. He has also gained a Diploma of Industrial Studies for a placement year as a designer with a street furniture company.


Claire Ellul (RA 2007-9) PhD. She recently completed a PhD at UCL, investigating the spatial relationships between three dimensional objects. Prior to commencing her PhD, she worked for 10 years as a GIS consultant, software developer and systems architect. Claire's interests include the use of technology in GIS, web mapping, spatial databases, 3D GIS and 3D Urban Environment modelling. 


Graeme Evans (PI 2004-9) MA PhD FCCA Dip.Com.Eval. is Director of the Cities Institute at London Metropolitan University. With Stephen Shaw he has led several urban transport impact and amenity planning studies for European, national and local authorities and an EU LEONARDO project on ICT and travel & tourism. He is a member of the core team of the EPSRC SUE VivaCity consortium researching mixed-use and sustainable development. He has served as an Enabler and Design Quality Facilitator with the Commission for Architecture & the Built Environment, and on the Science Review Panel of the Office for Science & Technology at the DTI. He is a visiting professor at Central St Martins College of Art & Design, and at the INRS-Montreal. 


Diane Gyi (RA 2004-9) MSc PhD DipCOT MErgS is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Human Sciences at LU and has over 10 years experience of research in the areas of health, disability and the design of equipment and tasks. Prior to developing her career in design ergonomics, Diane worked as an Occupational Therapist. She is a member of the Steering Committee for the EPSRC EQUAL Network and a member of the EPSRC College.


Rana Imam (RA 2004-6) BE MSc is a Research Fellow in the CTS at UCL, as well as a part-time PhD student in Transport Studies at UCL. Her qualifications include a Bachelor in Civil Engineering and an MSc in Transport Studies. She is a member of the Accessibility Research Group which focuses on basic and applied research into all aspects of accessibility to transport systems. Prior to working on the AUNT SUE project, Rana worked on the COCCINELLA project with the National Trust which investigated the impacts of wheelchair access on historic houses and was funded by the Leverhulme Trust. 


Andy Kemp (Main Partner 2004-9) heads the Accessible Transport Service at London Borough of Camden, where social inclusion in transport is a key policy area requiring practical, well-researched solutions. He has previously worked with Nick Tyler on accessibility and mobility issues and with Space Syntax, UCL on pedestrian accessibility in Clear Zones.


Roger Mackett (Co-I 2004-10) BA MSc PhD FIHT FCILT is Professor of Transport Studies in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at UCL. His research interests include analysis of the impact of policy, the inter-relationship between transport, urban activities and the environment, and public transport planning and operations.


Russ Marshall (Co-I 2004-9) MEng PhD MIEE is a lecturer in the Department of Design and Technology at LU. He has over 11 years of research experience in the design area including product development, human modelling and user-centred design. He is the lead developer of the HADRIAN system and is also involved in the ongoing development of the SAMMIE human modelling system. 


Trevor Mason (Main Partner 2004-9) BSc MCILT is a Principal Engineer for Transport Planning and Monitoring at Hertfordshire County Council. He has 17 years experience of working on strategic transport policy in local government. His current responsibilities include developing and monitoring delivery of the Local Transport Plan, including accessibility planning, transport data and modelling and school travel plans.


J. Mark Porter (CoI 2004-8) BSc PhD EurErg FErgS. It is with great sadness that we records the death of Professor Mark Porter. Mark died, following a period of long illness. He was Professor of Design Ergonomics in the Department of Design and Technology. His Design Ergonomics Research Group specialises in inclusive design, vehicle ergonomics, human modelling CAD, hand performance and tool design, design and disability, and user centred design. He was MD of SAMMIE CAD Ltd, an Ergonomics Society Registered Consultancy, and he had managed over 250 national and international design and research projects until recently. He was a Principal Investigator on two EPSRC grants and had experience of running other grants funded by EPSRC, AHRB, Department of Health/HSE and Brite Euram (EC). Mark will be greatly missed, but also remembered through the outcome of his research.


Juliet Solomon (RA 2004-9) is known on issues concerned with users, accessibility, young people, local transport policy, rural and community transport, and co-ordinated the pathbreaking study, Social Exclusion and the Provision & Availability of Public Transport for the DETR (2000). Her recent work includes accessibility of further education, and evaluation of the effects of transport measures and policies in 'New Deal' areas. She recently advised the Mobility and Inclusion Unit of the Department for Transport on research concerning Children & Young People's Transport and is currently directing work on benchmarking for the AUNTSUE project, and (with Paul Beecham & Associates) is involved in a review of Travel Training schemes for the Mobility and Inclusion Unit at the DfT. 


Ruth Sims (RA 2004-9) BSc MSc PhD is a Research Associate in the Department of Design and Technology. Her qualifications include a BSc in Psychology, an MSc in Ergonomics, and a PhD in the area of ‘Design for All’. Ruth has previously worked on an ESPRC funded project under the EQUAL initiative, and was also part of the SUE consortium for the pilot study that led to the current AUNT-SUE (Accessibility and User Needs in Transport) project. 


Steve Shaw (Co-I 2004-9) PhD BA PGD TP MRTPI FCILT FRGS is Director of the Transport Research and Consultancy centre (TRaC) at the Cities Institute, London Metropolitan University. Steve has published a wide range of books and articles; current topics include tourism and the built heritage of immigrant communities, urban landscapes and cultural diversity in ‘world cities.’ His current work includes Sustainable Cities - Policy and Practice (Canadian Studies Foundation/ High Commission, 2005-7); Heritage Protection – Local Delivery (English Heritage/DCMS 2005); and Inclusive and Sustainable Infrastructure for Tourism and Urban Regeneration (EPSRC, 2005-7).


Steve Summerskill (RA 2006 -9) PhD, MSc, BSc is a Research Associate in the Department of Design and Technology at LU. He has 10 years of experience in the design of infrastructure for use by disabled people. With industrial design and ergonomics skill sets he has been involved in phases one and two of the AUNT SUE project. His involvement in phase one of the project related to the collection of data from a range of people including elderly and the disabled. His involvement in the second phase of the project relates to consultancy work that is currently being performed to validate the HADRIAN system, using over seven years of experience performing industry based consultancy work with human modelling systems.


Helena Titheridge (Co-I 2007-10) BSc MSc PhD is a lecturer in the Centre for Transport Studies at UCL. She has over 8 years of research experience in the areas of land use, transport and GIS and has been involved in several research projects related to measuring accessibility for different socially disadvantaged groups. 


Nick Tyler (Co-I 2004-7) MSc PhD ARCM is the Chadwick Professor of Civil Engineering and Head of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at UCL. He has a track record of research that brings conceptual innovations and their implementations together in an environment in which implications, effects and outcomes can be tested.